Questions about Adoption

If you are considering adoption, we can answer questions you may have. Although we are not an adoption agency, we can refer you to a qualified agency that will support you through the entire process.

The decision to consider adoption is the beginning of a process that you control. Nothing legal or binding can be done prior to the birth of your baby.

As you make your decision a few questions for you to consider are:

Q: How might adoption benefit me? 

A: A few ways may be:

  • You can pursue earlier goals and plans
  • You will not have to parent prematurely
  • You would have the freedom to choose if you want to have a long-term relationship with the baby's father
  • You choose the adoptive parents for your child. You choose the adoption plan that you wish to have. You have a voice and say in the process. 

Q: Is adoption permanent? 

A: Yes. Once placed, the child becomes a permanent and legal member of the adoptive family you have chosen with full rights to inheritance and a lifetime family relationship.

Q. Can I choose the family who I want to adopt my baby? 

Yes! When you choose an adoption agency to work with for your adoption process, they provide you with profiles of adoptive families from which you can choose the parents of your baby. You then have the option of meeting the adoptive parents, spending time with them, and having them at the hospital with you during delivery. The amount of contact is up to you both during your pregnancy and after delivery.

Q. Can I receive pictures and letters of my baby if I wish? 

Yes! In a semi-open adoption the adoptive parents will send pictures and letters on an agreed upon schedule for up to eighteen years. The adoptive family will respect your need to know that your child is loved and happy and will present you as a loving birth mother who made an unselfish and difficult decision for the future of your baby. Other levels of openness are available to you as well.

Q. Is there emotion and financial support available to me during my unplanned pregnancy?

Yes! When you choose an Adoption Agency to represent you, you will be assigned a case worker who will be there for you throughout your pregnancy, as well as after delivery. If you would like to find a support group, or talk with another birth mother one-on-one who has already made an adoption plan, let your case worker know.

During your pregnancy you may need financial assistance. Often, the adoptive parents you choose, will pay for many of the living expenses during your pregnancy up till shortly after the birth.

Q: Do you give referrals to adoption agencies? 

A: Yes we do. There are several agencies to which we can refer you.

To explore adoption further, please call us to set up an appointment.