So you think you're pregnant. Maybe a more accurate statement would be, "So you're afraid you're pregnant." And it seems like the worst possible time for this to happen. Seriously. The worst. 

And you're thinking your only option is an abortion. Well, that is one option. But the truth is, you may not even need an abortion. See, approximately 20-25% of pregnancies will end naturally, in what is known as a miscarriage. 

So I would recommend finding out if you even need an abortion. If there is no viable pregnancy, then there's no need for the pain, cost, & risks of an abortion. You can come in to First Choice Pregnancy Services for an ultrasound that is totally FREE ... Before you make your decision. Just walk in. You don't even have to have an appointment. 

I also recommend finding out, & considering all of your options. And getting all the info you can about your choice. Because it is your choice. And the best choices & decisions are made when we have as much information as we can get, & we carefully weigh that info & use it to make that choice. You deserve that. Seriously. First Choice has that info. For FREE. 

In fact, doesn't it make sense to find out all the info you can - from a medical clinic that doesn't profit from your situation or from your choice? 

Because one thing I know for sure - is that once that abortion is done - it can't be undone. So if there is any chance you may not need one - wouldn't you want to know?